Purchase IPMuncher

IPMuncher is licensed on a per server basis. A separate license is required for each OS it is running upon.


While IPMuncher is currently in beta, you can get a 20% discount on each individual server license. Simply use the discount coupon code:


when you check out. Once IPMuncher goes out of beta, the discount will no longer be available.*


IPMuncher is a product of Advanced Intellect. During checkout, you will be routed through Advanced Intellect's shopping cart.

Purchase Option Price Add
Single Server License $99.00 Add
10 License Server Pack ($90/ea) $900.00 Add
25 License Server Pack ($85/ea) $2125.00 Add
50 License Server Pack ($75/ea) $3750.00 Add
100 License Server Pack ($50/ea) $5000.00 Add
Enterprise Source Code Option Contact Us


All prices are in US dollars.


The purchased IPMuncher license and application will not expire. Your purchase also allows you free updates for up to 1 year. Simply go to the download page, and download the updated versoin of IPMuncher. If, after 1 year, you want to take advantage of new features, you can upgrade your license for a minor fee.



Enterprise Source Code License

We also offer an Enterprise Source Code license. This license will get you the source code of IPMuncher, minus the internal licensing code. This is a not-for-resale license. You can only use the source code in your enterprise. Along with the source code license, for an additional fee, you can also have an onsite (USA Only), code walk-through of the IPMuncher source code. Contact dave@advancedintellect.com for more information. Be sure to include IPMuncher Source Code Licensing in your subject.



*We do not have an estimated date when IPMuncher will leave beta, only when we are happy with it. It may be tomorrow, it may be next month.